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Casual Magic with Shivam Bhatt

Casual Magic is an interview show based around our shared love of Magic the Gathering.

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Aug 31, 2021

Today I'm joined by CEDH theorist and Monowhite afficionado Charles Zhuang for a talk that, well, went places I did not expect, skipping the topic of white entirely to concentrate more on the idea of what it means to be on the casual or competitive side of Commander. This is a very cerebral, and very interesting, chat.

Aug 24, 2021

Today I'm joined by Product Architect Mike Turian to discuss his hall of fame career in Magic, his time as a developer, and also get into the nitty gritty about Booster Fun and The List. We had a small mic failure in the beginning so I apologize for the sound quality.

Aug 17, 2021

Today Ben Wheeler and I just pick a starting point at random and then just talk for an hour about cards we love or have never heard of but still love.

Aug 10, 2021

Today my guest is Hipsters of the Coast columnist and professional theologian Jacob Torbeck who joins me for a far reaching conversation about faith, forgiveness, the way we carry ourselves, and magic the gathering.

Aug 3, 2021

Today I'm joined by one of the greatest players of the modern era, and absolute master of Legacy and Cube, Andrea Mengucchi. We have a lovely and far ranging conversation, and he's just a joy to talk to.