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Casual Magic with Shivam Bhatt

Casual Magic is an interview show based around our shared love of Magic the Gathering.

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Oct 25, 2022

Today I'm joined by Sahar Mirhadi, British legacy and modern grinder, and we have a far reaching conversation about Modern, Legacy, tying your identity to your hobby, the challenges of being a minority in our hobby, and how sweet Scapeshift really is.

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Oct 18, 2022

This episode I'm joined by Game Grumps Co-host and long time internet personality Egoraptor. We talk about everything from internet culture to Urza's Saga, and everything between. And in the Outro, Arin turns the spotlight back on me, and we have a lengthy bonus discussion about shepherding a format! It's a...

Oct 11, 2022

This week Drew Levin joins me to help me edit and work out the kinks in my Neera Chaos spells deck, and broadly speaks about the process of deck building goals unto themselves.

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Oct 4, 2022

Today I'm joined by Commander Sphere Cohost and totally not a wolf man Dan Sheehan to talk about the joys of lasagna tier magic! We explore the joys of playing with weird old cards and talk about his amazing Squee story.

This episode was brought to you by CoolStuffInc, Coalesce A+D, and Archidekt!